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7 April 2021

 Greetings to all Mthwakazi citizens!

On 2 April 2021, I brought to your attention our preparations for the establishment of the Federal Republic of Mthwakazi. In doing so, I also invited you to visit the FREM website at:

Today, as part of addressing related matters, I would like to invite you to study and embrace the Constitution as presented on the website. This Constitution covers a range of matters that are fundamental to the people of Mthwakazi. It comprises 274 articles, subdivided into 14 parts. It contains and addresses the following, among other things:

  • Founding provisions
  • Basic, civil and political rights
  • Federation, Districts and Local Authorities
  • Foreign relations and security
  • Education, research, culture, religion and statistics
  • Sustainable development and the environment
  • Public infrastructure
  • Energy, transport and communication
  • Economy
  • Housing, work, social security and health
  • Finances

The lens of history and our current context as people of Mthwakazi have been invaluable and fundamental in the crafting of our Constitution. The Constitution recognizes and celebrates our diversity and it pays attention to the values of equality, liberty, freedom, peace, solidarity, openness and justice.

Ours is a values-based Constitution crafted for every current and future Mthwakazi citizen. It does not seek to advance the interests of an individual or a particular class of the Mthwakazi polity.

The drafting of the Constitution was preceded by an in-depth study of the Constitutions of other progressive countries that have diverse linguistic and cultural communities; where the different communities live in equality, peace and solidarity. A unique model purposed for Mthwakazi was then crafted. I must say that as people of Mthwakazi, we are extremely fortunate in that we are the most united nation on the whole earth, our linguistic and cultural diversity notwithstanding. This is what has kept us strong even under many years of genocide and subjugation. We celebrate our diversity and we are united beyond measure. Attempts to divide us have failed and will never succeed.

The security of the people of Mthwakazi is also addressed in our Constitution (Article 66). Mthwakazi will have its own strong, modern, and apolitical armed forces to deal with any external threats and to contribute to the maintenance of international peace (Article 67). Despite being a landlocked country, our armed forces will also have a naval division to be attached to the naval forces of our neighbours and those of our far away friends.

In line with best practice, policing will be shared between the Federal, District and local levels. We have known the pain of having arrogant Shona-speaking police officers (who do not know our local languages and who refuse to speak English, a language generally understood by everyone in present-day Zimbabwe) policing our people from Binga to Beitbridge and from Bulilima-Mangwe to Insiza, among other areas.

There is absolutely nothing that the Mthwakazi Constitution does not cover. It is important that you read it yourself and not to wait for others to interpret it for you.

I would like to take this opportunity to digress a little bit in order to address the subject of the current insecurity of the people of Mthwakazi. As you are aware, Gukurahundi genocide in Mthwakazi has never really stopped. Rather, it has continued to manifest itself in various visible and invisible forms – in our physical, socio-economic, political, and cultural subjugation.

We have seen Gukurahundi manifesting itself through armed ZANU-PF militias and thugs, from the time of Border Gezi’s youth brigade to today’s machete-wielding so-called Mashurugwis that are invading Mthwakazi and killing our people everywhere, especially in areas where there are gold deposits. We know who are behind these terror groups; and the day of justice is fast approaching. I need not emphasize that as we march towards the establishment of our Mthwakazi sovereign state, we need to remain vigilant and coordinate all our efforts to eradicate these threats facing our people daily. But these efforts should be led and directed in the most dignified manner possible.

The people of Mthwakazi have only themselves to look up to. They should not expect to be liberated by any other person, country or external organization.  For a reality eck, you need not go far. Just look at what is happening next door in Mozambique where people, including children are beheaded by thugs. This is happening because the African Union (AU) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) have not provided leadership that is grounded on the rule of law and respect for the human rights of everybody. But I assure you, that is the kind of vision (the rule of law and respect for human rights) that the Federal Republic of Mthwakazi will passionately pursue within SADC, the AU and on the global stage.

Finally, as I conclude this submission, it is important to extend our most profound and sincere thanks to some of the best legal minds of Mthwakazi who drafted the Constitution of Mthwakazi. They have worked tirelessly, diligently and silently over several years to bring it to fruition. There are still some few gaps to be filled and some polishing up to be done; but we are almost there and they will definitely finish strong. Because of their sacrifices and  contribution, there can be no doubt that the birth of the Federal Republic of Mthwakazi will surprise the entire world with the type of polity and leadership that will change the face of southern Africa and the entire continent for the betterment of all.

I would also like to thank everyone who has contributed their time and whatever resources to get us where we are today. A sincere thank you to the musical group that sang the Ndebele version of our National Anthem! We are working on having other versions in all our beautiful and diverse languages.

I thank you!

Dr. Churchill Mpiyesizwe Guduza



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