6 May 2021

Setting the record straight

On 2nd May 2021, Mr Silas Nkala, a journalist with the Standard Newspaper of Zimbabwe, published an article from a person by the name of Ndabezinhle Fuyane, who purported to be a spokesperson for the Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF). In that article, this person, Ndabezinhle Fuyane, claimed that the leadership of the MLF had been dissolved and replaced by what he called a “taskforce”.

This statement therefore represents a direct response to those false and fake claims and sets the record straight. I must put it on record that we have no record of any person by the name of Ndabezinhle Fuyane.  As far as we are concerned as the Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF), this person does not exist in any of our records, past and present and is therefore a faceless sellout masquerading as one of us. It is important to note that I am setting the record straight in my official capacity as the Secretary for Information and Publicity for the Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF), whose current President is Dr Churchill Mpiyesizwe Guduza.

In terms of the MLF Constitution, Article 8.1.1, the Front accepts membership from those who are not members of other political organisations and are prepared to abide by its rules. However, membership is not automatic, as stipulated by Article 8.1.5. The Front reserves the right to grant or reject any application for its membership. Furthermore, members pay a subscription fee and take an oath to defend the constitution (Articles 8.1.6 and 8.1.7).  Added to that, any person who is admitted from any other organization cannot hold any office for a period of one year.

Therefore, having gone through our records, we have never had any application for membership from this Ndabezinhle Fuyane, neither was he ever granted any membership by our movement at any time. Article 8.1.4 clearly states that no person can be a member in good standing without payment of subscription fees. This Ndabezinhle Fuyane also fails the MLF membership test because, in terms of Article 11.1.8, no person within the MLF may publish or distribute any information without the authorization of the NEC. This is because, the powers and functions of the MLF are determined by its National Executive Council (NEC). Crucially important too is that the elective congress that he mentions is convened by the decision of the same NEC upon the request of a least one third of the provinces comprising of paid-up members in good standing (Article 14.2.2).

The NEC of the MLF is the highest decision-making body (Article 14.7.1) and has the power to elect, appoint and recall any of its members of the executive and assign them other specific duties or to redeploy them. It has the power to dissolve any structure if it sees it fit to do so. Again, this Ndabezinhle Fuyane and his band of lunatics do not qualify as they have never been members of anything other than of a sellout club. It is also critical, within the same theme to note that, there are no provisions in the MLF Constitution for the vampire structure of a taskforce. That one is just for hallucinators.

In terms of Article 15 of the MLF Constitution, the President (currently, Dr Churchill Mpiyesizwe Guduza) is the face of the movement. The President overseas the movement’s duties, upholds the decisions and defends the MLF and its constitution. Th President is also the head and chief directing officer, who presides over the NEC meetings and makes pronouncements for and on behalf of the National Executive Council (NEC).  Again, this Ndabezinhle Fuyane fails this test as such decisions if legitimate must be communicated in terms of the structures of the movement.

It is quite clear that, Ndabezinhle Fuyane’s organization qualifies to be a rogue and hazard waste political movement that has no rules, nor processes. It is one that is formed in the imagination of hazard waste political movements and formalized within the set of rules governing directionless human beings. They do not qualify even for recycled politicians, as they have no idea what makes people to come together to overcome the colonization of the mind, subjugation, and humiliation.

Turning to the other names that are mentioned in the article by Ndabezinhle Fuyane, we are aware of three who were members of the MLF until they were expelled from the movement in terms of violating the MLF constitution. These are Thembani Mazinyane who held no position whatsoever and disappeared in 2015, Desire Dube who was the treasurer and was expelled in 2016, and Andrea Sibanda, former Secretary General, expelled the following year in 2017. At the time of their expulsion, both Desire Dube and Andrea Sibanda had violated Article 20 which stipulates that all members without exception must abide by the Constitution; and refrain from any behaviour that brings the Front into disrepute; and never join any other political organization or act in a manner calculated to undermine and destroy the Mthwakazi Liberation Front,  and never engage in corruption, bribery, gross disorderly and unruly behaviour that provokes division and breakdown of unity in the organisation.

As for Thembani Mazinyane, he fled and voluntarily resigned from the MLF during the fall of 2015 after we had a meeting at Chitawa Lodge. This was after he had been put on notice for expulsion and warned to desist from violating the MLF Constitution with impunity, during which time he was conducting secretive meetings in the dead of the night in Johannesburg, with certain faceless characters, including the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO). Therefore, in the case of Thembani Mazinyane, he has not been in the MLF for 6 years, followed by Desire Dube who was expelled 5 years ago and their chief architect Andrea Sibanda, 4 years ago. The trio have not been members of the MLF for a cumulative total of 15 years. To then emerge from the hazard political waste to reclaim a say outside the legitimate and viable structures of the MLF is simply absurd and crazy to say the least. During this period all these three cartoon characters had joined other political organisations, including the one led by Stanley Khumalo, an act that disqualified them from ever rejoining the MLF, even if they had appealed the decision that expelled them.

In the case of Andrea Sibanda, even if he could hang on to his imaginary position in an Animal Farm of being Secretary General of Pigs, he would still not qualify to take any decisions even if he were an MLF Secretary General while the President and the Deputy President (Dr Churchill Mpiyesizwe Guduza and Mr Nkosilathi Mthwananzi respectively) were still in office. This is because, in terms of the MLF Constitution, Article 15.5.1, the Secretary General is the chief administrative officer of the Front, who keeps minutes of the NEC meetings and other such record keeping and correspondence responsibilities. The Secretary General therefore wields absolutely no power even in good standing and can only act in any powerful positions once the incumbents (the President and Deputy President) are rendered incapacitated to perform their duties.

The MLF lives to govern and is now in the process of setting up the governance structures consistent with its vision of establishing a Federal Republic of Mthwakazi (FREM), in terms of Article 6.2.11 and paying attention to proportional representation (Article 6.2.12). It is important for the public and by extension these fake crazy individuals to note that the MLF has now developed the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Mthwakazi, its emblem the Flame Lily, its National Flag in horizontal colours of gold, red and green, its National Anthem, the Sovereign Fund and is now collecting statistics as it is now in a process of creating the governing framework for Mthwakazi that is comprised of 14 Districts, 8 Linguistic Communities and 1 Nation. Even these fake personalities, agents of the CIO and of destruction can take a tour of FREM from its website (

I have shown during this response that what was published by way of an article on 2nd May 2021 was a fake attempt by fake nonentities of characters who wanted to mislead the people of Mthwakazi, the MLF followers and the world at large, that they had overthrown the legitimate leadership of this historic movement, the Mthwakazi Liberation Front. It is in terms of setting the record straight that, we as the Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) wish to dismiss the authors of that fake article and its participants with the contempt their deserve.

It is unimaginable that normal human beings can a take a political tourism tour in various political organisations for a cumulative total of 15 years, only to return once they have been dumped by all in a hazard political waste to come and claim the leadership and participation from an historic and continental organization like the Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) from which they were expelled. This begs the question as to what it is that they had been doing throughout the 15 years in the hazard political wilderness, when the MLF continued to make such a significant, inversible and unstoppable impact against the ZANU-PF rule by conquest, which resulted, inspired, led, and motivated the birth and subsequent mushrooming of a multiplicity of political organisations all with a Mthwakazi restoration agenda. They should know that unlike the ZANU-PF regime which succeeded in overthrowing its despotic leader, Robert Mugabe, they cannot succeed as CIO collaborators even with the assistance from the vampire regime apparatus in Zimbabwe that is responsible for genocide and ethnic cleansing against our people. Instead, they should be warned that they do not have what it takes to succeed against the formidable defenses of the Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF).

In conclusion, the vision as set out in the preamble of the Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) Constitution of participatory democracy, patriotism, voluntarism, equality, justice, solidarity, peace, political, economic, social progress, and prosperity of the people of Mthwakazi is now unstoppable as we in the MLF already live the Mthwakazi dream. Not even ZANU-PF or its CIO surrogates masquerading as a fake MLF represented by these counterrevolutionaries and despicable sellouts in the persons of Ndabezinhle Fuyane, Thembani Mazinyane, Desire Dube and Andrea Sibanda can stop the liberation of the people of Mthwakazi, whose time has come.

I thank

Chrispen K. Nyoni

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