A brief outline of how this MTHWAKAZI SOVEREIGN FUND (MSF) is going to work.

  1. The purpose of the fund is for the liberation struggle for the establishment of the Federal Republic Mthwakazi.
  2. This fund shall be on a voluntary basis where even those who are indifferent to it shall be compelled by their conscience to contribute to it for the purposes of liberating Mthwakazi from the chains of wilful subjugation, domination and Rule by Conquest of Shona hegemony over all the peoples of Mthwakazi.
  3. Every adult citizen of Mthwakazi irrespective of their circumstances shall contribute a voluntary amount or tax of one United States of American Dollar (US$1) per month or equivalent wherever they are in this world.
  4. This fund will be used to develop all of Mthwakazi on an equitable share basis without fail, fear or favour.
  5. This fund will provide services for all the people of Mthwakazi without discrimination in the areas of the provision of safe clean water and water for the purposes of massive irrigation for all sorts of agricultural produce along the lines followed in Israel or California, and indeed other such similar places.
  6. This fund will also be utilised in the provision and building of proper schools and hospitals fit for a Mthwakazi citizen throughout the Federal Republic of Mthwakazi.
  7. This fund shall be used for vigorous scientific and medical research purposes in the fight against any diseases and future viruses and pandemics for the overall protection of the health and wellbeing of the people of Mthwakazi.
  8. This fund shall also be utilised in building houses not only fit for a Mthwakazi citizen, but also for the disabled, the elderly and any others all of whom fit the description of Mthwakazi heroes.
  9. This fund shall be used in the construction and development of infrastructure-roads, bridges, dams, airports, power facilities etc.
  10. This fund shall be used in the provision of specialised training and education, not only in higher educational institutions elsewhere in the world, but right inside Mthwakazi so that for the first time ever Mthwakazi has its own air pilots, medical and a range of other specialised skills.
  11. This fund shall be used in the provision and development of financial and insurance services for the people of Mthwakazi
  12. This fund shall be used to equip our young people with requisite policing and defensive skills in pursuit of the single goal of protecting the right of the citizens of Mthwakazi to exist in this world without fear or favour.

This is the time that we work in collaboration with all our various constituencies: business men and women (small, medium and large), intellectuals, academics, economists, researchers in various fields, scientists, medical doctors, legal experts and practitioners, manufacturers, architects, designers, engineers, IT specialists, arts and culture groups, nurses, teachers, psychologists, social workers, food security specialists, chefs, farmers, religious leaders, traditional leaders, youth, women’s groups, journalists, media groups and personalities, different interest groups, civic organisations, sports organisations and personalities, communities and many others, for the sustainable development of Mthwakazi.

Over and above the few foregoing points, it is important to underline that the establishment of this Mthwakazi Sovereign Fund (MSF) is consistent and in line with the Vukuzenzele (Self-Help) Philosophy of the Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF). We as the MLF believe that we can no longer afford to entrust our present and future wellbeing, and that of our generations to come to serial murderers like the ZANU PF regime who have continuously trampled on our freedoms and rights with such naked impunity and notoriety.

We therefore believe that the only way forward is to fund our struggle and begin changing the lives of our people through the Vukuzenzele (Self-Help) mechanisms.

Baka Mthwakazi, we have waited too long for our liberation, waited too long for our rights and freedom, waited too long for our development in a multiplicity of areas and we have waited too long, more than a century and a quarter to reclaim our humanity. Let us seize this opportunity and establish the Mthwakazi Sovereign Fund that will liberate all of us.

Ultimately, the Mthwakazi Sovereign Fund (MSF) shall serve as a basis for the formation and establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank of Mthwakazi (FRBM).

We have got to start living the Mthwakazi dream for ourselves by ourselves.

I thank you.

Dr Churchill Mpiyesizwe Guduza

MLF President.