Federal Republic of Mthwakazi Let's have a look at our Nation Government Departments

The Federal Republic of Mthwakazi is built on solid values of liberty, democracy, independence and peace in solidarity and openness towards the world. The people of Mthwakazi, united in their diversity, are determined to live together in equality, mutual respect and recognition.

The Federal Republic of Mthwakazi

The Federal Republic of Mthwakazi is a federation of Districts of Beitbridge, Binga, Bubi-Umguza, Bulilima-Mangwe, Gwanda, Gwelo, Hwange, Insiza (incorporating areas of Bhelingwe), Kezi, Kwekwe, Lupane (incorporating areas of Gokwe), Nkayi (incorporating areas of Gokwe), Tsholotsho and Umzingwane.

The Linguistic Communities

The Linguistic Communities of the Federal Republic of Mthwakazi are: Abathwa/Masarwa/Nama; Tonga; Nambya; Kalanga; Nguni; Sotho-Tswana and Venda

National Flag / Federal Capital

The Federal flag has three equal horizontal bands of, from top to bottom gold, red and green.Bulawayo is the capital of the Federal Republic of Mthwakazi. The
Federation is responsible for representing the nation as a whole in the capital. 
1Capital City

Our Governance

The sovereign power of the Federal Republic of Mthwakazi resides with the people. Government is an inviolable sacred trust of the people, the authority for which is derived from the people.The powers of government are exercised by the temporary civilian representatives of the people, and the benefits of which are enjoyed by the people.

Supremacy of the Constitution

Constitution is the supreme law of the Republic. Any law or conduct inconsistent with it is invalid; and the obligations imposed by this Constitution must be fulfilled by the Federal government and the Districts and to the extent applicable, by all persons, natural and legal.

The Federal Republic of Mthwakazi exists to protect the liberty and rights of the people and safeguards the independence and security of the Republic.